Having a party for the World Cup of Hockey? Here are some party snacks for each team that are way better than just heating up some frozen apps!

Team USA – Boneless Buffalo Wings

You can go bone-in if you like, but I prefer the boneless variety because they always seem to have way more sauce, and buffalo sauce is the shit.


Source: Love to be in the Kitchen

Team Canada – Poutine

Because really what’s more Canadian than poutine?


Source: Half Baked Harvest

Team North America – Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Team North America is a combo of both the US and Canada and I think these sliders pretty much nail that balance. You can add some hot sauce to make it American and some maple syrup butter (OMG) for the Canadian part.


Source: Cooking Channel TV

Team Sweden – Cocktail Swedish Meatballs

It’s Team Sweden, it’s Swedish Meatballs, it’s delicious.


Source: Once Upon A Chef

Team Finland – Juustoleipä aka Bread Cheese

It’s cheese and bread and basically all amazing. You’re probably better off buying this than making it, here’s a list of companies that make this stuff. Don’t forget the cloudberry jam either!


Source: Bon Appetit

Team Russia – Ponchiki aka Russian Donuts

These look amazing and who doesn’t like donuts?


Source: Olga’s Flavor Factory

Team Czech Republic – Anglické rohlíky aka Bacon Rolls aka Crack

Bacon rolls. I repeat, Bacon Effin Rolls.


Source: Czech Cookbook

Team Europe – Blejska Kremsnita aka Bled Cream Cake

Since Anze Kopitar is the captain of Team Europe, here is an amazing looking Slovenian cake. Mmmmm….cake.

img_53961Source: Tasting and Tempting